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Escaner de Codigo de Barras LS-5700-I000GN



Articulo: Escaner de Codigo de Barras LS-5700-I000GN

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Escaner de Codigo de Barras LS-5700-I000GN LS-5700-I000GN
- PN: LS-5700-I000GN
- Referencia: BLANCO
- Observaciones: En buenas condiciones. No Incluye Cables

The LS5700 omni-directional mini-slot scanners from Symbol Technologies provide unsurpassed throughput and a high first-pass read for hands-free point-of-sale retail laser scanning. The expanded working range and aggressive performance combine for fast, accurate scanning with minimal operator effort. The result is quicker, more productive check-out operations—and happier customers.

Ideal for the demanding requirements of point-of-sale scanning, the LS5700 delivers maximum performance for on-counter applications. The LS5700 offers more advanced features than comparably priced handsfree scanners, and include support for Symbol hand-held scanners—essential for retail environments with oversized or heavy merchandise.

In addition, the LS5700 features Code stitching, an applied logic for deciphering and rebuilding damaged and truncated bar codes, which increases first-pass read rate and ensures high throughput. And the LS5700 delivers additional value through overall ease of use, which reduces training time and expense.

The LS5700 on-counter scanners have been designed with your valuable check-out space in mind: both models boast the smallest footprint possible, while maintaining large scan fields for the greatest ease of use.

The scan field for the LS5700 has been optimized for high-speed "swipe" scanning over the broadest possible working range—from contact to 8 in./20 cm. Items can be read flush to the counter, eliminating the need to lift merchandise. Fatigue is reduced—and the check-out process is faster. And the small footprint requires minimum space on your countertop while delivering maximum scanning performance.