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Tarjeta SCSI Symbios SYM20403 ISA



Articulo: Tarjeta SCSI Symbios SYM20403 ISA

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  • Tarjeta SCSI Symbios
  • Modelo: SYM20403
  • Tipo: ISA

ISA SCSI plug-and-play Host Adapter solutions provide a low-cost, easy-to-use attachment for most SCSI peripherals.

These Fast SCSI host adapter are ideal for bundling with an scanner, CD-ROM, Removable Storage Media, tape drive, etc. With these host adapters, users can quickly and easily attach and start operating their SCSI peripherals.

  • ISA, 16-BIT
  • Model SYM20403
  • HP DB 50 Pin External Connector
  • No Connector for Internal Devices