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Tarjeta de red IBM 16/4 Token Ring Pci.

Modelo: 34L5099

IBM introduces the IBM 16/4 Token-Ring PCI Management Adapter, part of its newest generation of industry-leading Token-Ring adapters for PC desktop and server systems. This adapter is based on IBM's latest chip technology and offers an unmatched combination of features, performance, and value for Token-Ring users. With an array of leading manageability features, this adapter enables corporate IT managers to drive down their total cost of system and network ownership while preserving their investment in proven Token-Ring technology.??This new adapter offers a number of manageability functions designed to enable more efficient management of large PC installations. With support for Wake on LAN, PXE-compliant remote boot, and remote unattended installation, systems can be deployed consistently and maintained during non-use hours. This new adapter ships with a Tivoli Management Agent and support SNMP management and DMI 2.0 instrumentation, enabling system management with the leading app...