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Controladora Net Raid SCSI Ultra2 IFT-2101U2



Articulo: Controladora Net Raid SCSI Ultra2 IFT-2101U2

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- Articulo: Controladora Net Raid SCSI Ultra2
- Fabricante: Infortrend
- PN: IFT-2101U2
- Slot: Pci
- Accesorios: Memoria de 16Mb Edo
- Observaciones: En perfectas condiciones

This series of controllers implement RAID for the PCI host
interface. They are designed using intelligent SCSI chips, a
proprietary PCI interface ASIC and a 5x86 CPU to provide
high data throughput, high data availability and high
expandability as a mass storage controller for a PCI

High Performance
The controller can simultaneously distribute multiple
requests from the host to connected SCSI drives to perform
high-speed parallel data transfer. With the help of superior
architectural design and Bus mastering, Bursting, Multi-
Threaded I/O and Data Scatter/Gather the controllers can
deliver a data transfer rate of up to 132 Mbytes per second.
For high-powered processing speed, the controller uses an
AMD 133MHz AMD 5x86 processors, intelligent readahead
/ write-back cache and supports up to 128 Mbytes of
DRAM for data caching.

Less than full-length PCI card
PCI 2.1 compliant
Drivers supported:
MS-DOS , Windows 95/98, Windows NT (x86
and DEC Alpha platforms), NetWare , OS/2 , SCO
OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, Sun Solaris and Linux
Support for tape drives and CD-ROM's
No. of channels on-board:
IFT-2101U2A: 1 Ultra2 Wide
IFT-2101U2B: 2 Ultra2 Wide
Concurrent I/O command
Tagged Command Queuing
Automatic bad sector reassignment
Built-in SCSI terminator
Disconnect/reconnect control
RAID 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, NRAID and JBOD
Up to 8 logical drives
Up to 32 LUNs
Up to 16 SCSI ID's
Unlimited logical drive size
Local and global spare drive
Variable RAID level per logical drive
Variable stripe size
Dynamic channel/ID re-mapping
Background rebuilding
Hot spare drive operation
Disk hot-swapping
Memory parity checking
SAF-TE support
On-board buzzer
GUI RAID Manager software (Windows)
Text RAID Manager software (all platforms)
BIOS configuration utility via hot key at boot-up
Management via LAN SNMP
On-line RAID Expansion
Firmware on Flash Memory
Configuration Data on NVRAM
Configuration Data on Disk
AMD 5x86 133MHz microprocessor
Infortrend RAID controller chipset
Read-Ahead/Write-Back cache
128MB maximum cache size
Supports EDO SIMM's
High Data Availability
The controller provides RAID 0, 1, 3 and 5 options. With
these RAID functions, the user is guaranteed with the
highest in data availability and protection with
capabilities like automatic-drive-failure detection, hot
swapping, background rebuilding and bad sector
reassignment. When the controller detects the failure of
a SCSI drive belonging to a RAID 1, 3 or 5 logical drive
it can automatically reconfigure the array to replace the
failed drive with a hot stand-by drive and then
reconstruct the data on the hot stand-by drive while the
system is still running. If the system has no hot stand-by
drive, the user should replace the failed SCSI drive with
a new one and initiate rebuilding via the host-based
RAID manager. The controller can even handle and
recover bad sectors on the SCSI drive during disk read
or write commands.
Complete OS support
The controller comes with drivers for all popular OS's
found on the market today
Support for Tape-Drives and CD-ROM
For system back-up and software installation, the
Support SCSI tape drives and CD-ROMs.
Bad Sector Management
The controller can handle bad sectors on the SCSI drives
during disk read or write commands. It can recover the data
from other drives of the same logical drive and do bad-sector
reassignments. And it does all this in a manner transparent to
the host.
Infortrend PCI-to-SCSI RAID Controller Specifications Chart:
Host Interface
Drive Interface
PCI Card Dimensions (inches, LxWxT)
RAID Level
Basic SCSI Channels
Internal Connectors
External Connectors
Cache Size
Input Voltage (peak)
Power Consumption (peak)
Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity
Ultra2 Wide SCSI
9.21 x 4.2 x 0.57
1 Ultra2 SCSI
1 68-pin, 1.27mm high-density
1 68-pin, 0.8mm ultra-high-density
8 to 128 Mbytes
+5VDC, 3.0A 5%
5 to 44 C
10-95%, non-condensing
Sea level to 10,000 ft
> 500,000 hours
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